The NBA Championship rings, also known as Premiership rings, are the league’s most prestigious award. All team members, including staff, will receive their own NBA rings after they clinched the title. In the 2022 NBA Finals, the winner between Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics will receive this special award afterwards.

The first time any basketball team received a championship ring was in the 1947 BAA Inagural Season. Therefore, the first team that got this special award was the Philadelphia Warriors, currently the franchise that is located in San Francisco. Coincidentally, the Warriors are in the 2022 NBA Finals fighting for their seventh NBA Ring.

Aside from the emotional value, the monetary value that every NBA ring has is huge. This is because there are approximately 460 precious stones and diamonds inlaid on each of them. Usually, the most significant section of the ring shows off the winning team’s logo. Many other features are added upon the champions' request. 

How much does an NBA championship ring cost?

Usually the team that won the NBA Championship receives the ring in their home opener game with a special ceremony prior to the game. The 2020-2021 NBA Champions, the Milwaukee Bucks received their rings at Fiserv Forum. The Bucks organization selected championship jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills to create the team’s NBA Championship ring.

 The Bucks' Championship ring has 360 diamonds at the top that represent the number of victories prior to the current ownership taking over the franchise. It was also known that their NBA ring was worth an estimate of $20,000 per ring. According to the ring's maker, they added a QR Code inside of it, that when scanned plays a video highlighting memorable moments from the season.

Neither the NBA nor Jason of Beverly Hills Jewerly have disclosed the actual NBA ring cost. However, many reports have already answered at least with an estimated amount. For example, the 2019 NBA champions were the Toronto Raptors, which selected Baron to design the ring. It was the most expensive NBA Championship ring ever made. It was also known to be worth an estimate of $100,000 dollars. Therefore, there's no right answer to the question, but for sure it cost a huge amount of money similar to effort every NBA player puts in to win it.