Damian Lillard’s sweepstakes have been one of the biggest talking points in NBA circles for quite a while. He doesn’t want to play for the Portland Trail Blazers, yet they refuse to trade him.

At least, they refuse to trade him to the Miami Heat — allegedly his only desired destination. That’s why Jayson Tatum tried to get on his head and get him to join him, but to no avail.

And according to Boston Celtics insider John Karalis, GM Brad Stevens might as well be happy that Lillard snubbed Tatum’s recruitment attempts, and he would’ve had to part ways with Jaylen Brown.

Brad Stevens Doesn’t Want To Trade For Damian Lillard

“I bet Brad Stevens is secretly happy that Jayson Tatum’s recruitment of Damian Lillard didn’t work,” Karalis wrote in the Boston Journal. “How the hell was he going to match a $45 million salary with anything better than Miami without including Jaylen Brown?”

“I can see Brad pulling Tatum into his office and politely asking to be made aware of any future recruitment plans that might put him on the spot,” the insider continued.

Stevens has the final say in every decision, but he also has to do right by his star player, so chances are he would’ve traded for Lillard against his will just to make Tatum happy. Fortunately for him, that won’t be the case now.