Damian Lillard has let it be known that he wants to play for the Miami Heat. Unfortunately, Pat Riley’s team currently doesn’t have the assets the Portland Trail Blazers want in return for him.

Under normal circumstances, there will be plenty of teams more than willing to make a run at Lillard. But with Lillard keen on taking his talents to South Beach, this isn’t normal at all.

That’s why NBA analyst Bill Simmons believes Lillard should change his mind and target the Minnesota Timberwolves instead, as he could put together an elite team with Rudy Gobert and Anthony Edwards.

Lillard Should Push For A Trade To Minnesota, Says Bill Simmons

“You wonder if Dame is watching [Minnesota] going ‘You know what? Me for Towns. Just switch us. We have Gobert. We have Edwards. It’s kinda nice,” Simmons said on his podcast.

Me and Ant together. Maybe that’s a better situation for me than anywhere else. F*ck it, I’m adding [Minnesota] to the list,” the pundit added.

Of course, this makes perfect sense for both Lillard and the Timberwolves, but the Blazers might not be interested in Karl-Anthony Towns. Moreover, it will take a lot for Lillard to change his mind about his preferred destination.