James Harden doesn’t want to play for the Philadelphia 76ers anymore. And if the past has taught us anything, it is that Harden can force his way out of any NBA market, regardless of how long it takes.

Nonetheless, he’s facing a bit of an uphill battle right now. Sixers GM Daryl Morey is stubborn and has always stayed his ground when it comes to not making moves he doesn’t want to make.

Harden reportedly wants to play for the Los Angeles Clippers, and even held talks with some of their stars. However, Brian Windhorst of ESPN reported that the Clippers are no longer interested in trading for him.

Clippers Won’t Try To Trade For James Harden

(The Clippers) tried to trade for James Harden, and that deal didn’t happen,” Windhorst said on The Hoops Collective. “And from what I understand, it was the Clippers who said, ‘Okay, there’s no deal here. We’re gonna move on.’”

Reports show that the Clippers have been reluctant to meet Morey’s steep asking price for the former MVP, which makes sense, considering he’s entering the final year of his contract.

Harden also has a long-withstanding history of not living up to the expectations in the playoffs, getting hurt, and a questionable work ethic. That’s why he’s likely stuck in Philadelphia until the end of the season.