The Miami Heat went further than predicted last season when they made the NBA Finals as they 8th seed in the East. But in the end, it became crystal clear the team needed another star next to Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo to get to the promised land.

That’s why they were expected to make a blockbuster move this summer. Damian Lillard has been their priority target all these months, but the veteran guard ultimately got traded to the Milwaukee Bucks.

In the wake of their failed pursuit of the former Portland Trail Blazers star, many started to wonder why Miami didn’t get another star before. Bradley Beal, for instance, had been heavily linked with a move to South Beach. However, it looks like the Heat didn’t want to inherit his no-trade clause.

Heat overlooked Beal because of his no-trade clause

Even though the Heat holds Bradley Beal in high regard, we hear one major reason the Heat didn’t pursue a Beal trade earlier this offseason was because it philosophically doesn’t like the idea of inheriting a no-trade clause,Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald wrote. “Beal’s no-trade clause came with him to Phoenix.”

After 11 seasons with the Wizards, the 30-year-old was sent to Phoenix from Washington as part of a three-team trade that also involved the Indiana Pacers. Even though Beal made a name for himself in the capital city, his production wasn’t enough for Miami to commit to his astonishing contract that includes a no-trade clause.

What’s Bradley Beal’s contract?

Bradley Beal is entering the second of a five-year, $251 million deal signed with the Wizards in 2022. Now, the Suns have to afford that contract.