Even though he always strikes as a happy, easygoing, relaxed guy; Stephen Curry is one of the biggest menaces around the NBA. His ability to knock down shots from all over the court and unmatched three-point shooting skills have sent plenty of teams back home in tears.

Curry seems to enjoy every single second of the game. He's often smiling, laid-back. He rarely complains or gets mad, and that's why some people don't think of him as a cold-blooded assassin.

Those guys couldn't be more wrong. As, even if they're fooled by Curry's smiley face, he's got that killer instinct just a handful of players -- such as Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan have shown.

Warriors News: Steph Curry Explains His Killer Instinct With An Epic Kobe Bryant Reference

When asked about his "killer instinct," Curry opened up on how Kobe was the only person who truly got him, how he was able to see past the smile and pick apart how much of a bad man he actually was:

“I’ve always had this kind of quiet killer instinct,” Curry told The Athletic. “Kobe did an interview one time. It was one of my favorite comments about me in terms of how he saw that killer instinct behind the smile. I can have fun and have just, but I’m out there to rip your heart out. It’s just a different way that it looks.”

“I see a calmness about him,” Kobe said several years ago. “I think it’s something that a lot of players don’t understand. But there’s a serious calmness about him which is extremely deadly. Because he’s not up, he’s not down. He’s not contemplating what just happened before or worrying about what’s to come next. He’s just there.”


You know what they say: Game recognizes game, and that's a lot of praise coming from one of the biggest bonafide assassins to ever lace them up. So, watch out people, stop sleeping on the "Baby-faced Assasin"