As soon as we heard about Klay Thompson's season-ending injury, we all knew that this would be a tough year for the Golden State Warriors, even despite the nice additions they had made in the offseason.

Fast-forward to today, and you can tell by their record that it's been a year full of ups-and-downs for the Dubs, with Stephen Curry bringing out the best of his game to try and keep their playoff hopes alive.

Gladly for them, it seems like they're peaking at the right time, as the Warriors have won four straight games and finally look like a team that's starting to click, especially in the defensive end of the floor.

Stephen Curry Says The Warriors Still Have To Reach Another Level

That's why Curry believes that, even though it's pretty good to win some basketball games for a change, this team still has another layer, and issued a strong warning to the rest of the Association:

 “We have another level to get to, but it’s nice it’s turning into wins," the two-time MVP told the media after his team's fourth straight victory.

via Kerith Burke

Curry has scored north of 30 points per game during the Warriors' winning streak, including a 53-point masterpiece over the Denver Nuggets. Also, he became the franchise's all-time leading scorer over Wilt Chamberlain.

When he's locked in, it seems like there's just no way to stop Stephen Cury, especially now that he's extra motivated by those who questioned his legacy after such a tough season, even after all he's accomplished in the NBA.

The Warriors are currently sitting at the 9th spot in the Western Conference and would still have to go through the play-in tournament to secure a playoff spot. But we know better than to count Stephen Curry out, and so should you.