Over the past couple of weeks, several NBA insiders talked about the Golden State Warriors’ interest in signing veteran big man Dwight Howard, and it seemed like a sure thing.

Howard reportedly had some very positive workouts and interviews with the team. Even the veterans had signed off on his arrival, which is why it was shocking to know that they weren’t going to bring him in.

Now, a report by Kendra Andrews of ESPN sheds some light on the reason why the Warriors decided not to sign the former Los Angeles Lakers star, and it had nothing to do with basketball.

Warriors Thought Dwight Howard Would Be A Distraction

“A source told ESPN that one important piece of criteria for anyone looking to make the roster is someone who will help them build off their already established connectivity — someone who won’t be a distraction and someone happy to be the final member of the team,” Andrews reported.

Dwight Howard does have a reputation for being a bit of a character, but he had been way more mature in his final couple of stints in the league. Still, it’s normal to see the Warriors not wanting to take any risks.

Howard is no longer the defensive stalwart he used to be in his heyday. Then again, he could still give a contending team some solid minutes off the bench, assuming they’re willing to give him another chance.