The Golden State Warriors and LeBron James have a particular history together. They’ve squared off in the NBA Finals four times, with some epic battles and victories for both sides.

Of course, James got one of the greatest wins in NBA Finals history in 2016, but the Warriors still have bragging rights over him after beating him three out of four times and running him out of his hometown.

Whatever the case, their relationship has always been complicated. That’s why back in the day, Draymond Green even thought that NBA journalist Chris Haynes was a spy sent by LeBron to their locker room.

Chris Haynes Reveals Hilarious Story About Draymond Green

I go to the locker room for the first time in the Warriors,” Haynes said. Draymond was like, ‘I don’t trust you, bro.’ I thought he was playing. He’s like, ‘I don’t trust you, bro.’ I’m like, ‘You mean don’t trust me?’ He said ‘You’re a Cavs spy. LeBron sent you over here to spy on us. We ain’t messing with y’all, and I’m gonna make sure nobody talk with you.’ He was dead serious, bro. Damn. He was dead serious. I couldn’t believe him, like Dray. I’m just a reporter, bro.”

Ironically, Green eventually became quite close to LeBron, up to the point where it made several Warriors fans uncomfortable and even thought he wanted to leave to play with James.

At the end of the day, Haynes was only doing his job, but Green had every right to be paranoid, as he was going against the ruling force in the Eastern Conference.