It's getting more common to see NBA superstars teaming up to beat their rivals and win a championship. LeBron James kind of started that trend a decade ago when he joined the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets are the perfect example of it.

That's why some people are speculating and waiting to see who'll be the next All-Star to team up with an already stacked team to dominate the rest of the world. And, according to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, it could be no other than Stephen Curry.

According to the insider, LeBron James has been actively recruiting Curry over the past month or so as he would love for them to bury the hatchet and team up at the Los Angeles Lakers next season.

ESPN Analyst Says LeBron James Is Recruiting Stephen Curry:

"I know he feels a certain way about Steph 'cause I've watched him. (...) LeBron started recruiting him at the All-Star break. (...) I'm just saying. Steph's eligible for a contract extension. Just to be clear: Steph's eligible for a contract extension this summer and LeBron started recruiting him at All-Star break. (...) Listen, man, I'm just stating facts," Windhorst said.

Warriors' Bob Myers Opens Up On Stephen Curry's Rumors

Even if it may seem like a reach, Windhorst has a lot of leverage around the NBA community, and the rumor kind of snowballed. That's why Warriors GM Bob Myers had to discuss this situation in a recent interview:

(Transcript via Tim Kawakami of The Athletic)

“We’re never going to stop hearing it. It doesn’t matter if a guy signs an extension anymore, whether it’s one of our guys or any guy. The drumbeat never stops. (...) I think rumors like that or any rumor about a great player, they’ll always be there as long as the player’s great.

But all we can do is make our place of work somewhere people show up and feel like they can compete. I think Steph’s felt like we’ve given him a really good chance in his time and career to compete individually and team-wise. And that’s what we’re going to keep trying to do. (…) What I would say: I think Steph’s happy. I think he’s in a good place. I think things are going to be fine with him," Myers said.

In all honesty, we just don't see Stephen Curry leaving the Golden State Warriors now, if ever, especially to join forces with his biggest rival ever. But hey, we've seen crazier things happen in the NBA.