Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are two of the marquee names in the NBA. They're both sons of former NBA players, yet neither of them was a highly-ranked recruit. They had to make a name and a path for themselves in the league.

Curry and Thompson both took the world by storm in their college basketball days. They proved that they could be as good or even better than their folks and earned the right to be a lottery pick in the NBA Draft.

Fast-forward to today, and the duo of All-Stars continue to dominate the world of basketball. But now, they're no longer one or the other; they're a unit: The Splash Brothers. But why are they called like that? Let's break it down.

Who Came Up With The 'Splash Brothers' Nickname?

Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire were two of the biggest names in baseball during the late 80s and early 90s. They were teammates at the Oakland Athletics, another team from the Bay Area.

Both were dominant sluggers from the Steroids Era and were known for their power and ability to hit homers. So, the press started to refer to them as 'The Bash Brothers'. That name stood up to this day.

So, following an impressive shooting performance from Curry and Thompson back in 2012, Warriors beat writer Brian Witt came up with the hashtag #SplashBrothers. They liked him, so it stuck.

For those who aren't that much into basketball, Splash makes reference to the swoosh sound and move the ball makes when it goes through the hoop. Curry and Thompson are outstanding shooters, thus the constant 'splash.' Simply put, they make it rain!

Who's A Better Three-Point Shooter: Stephen Curry Or Klay Thompson?

I'm afraid this is a tricky question with an eye-of-the-beholder answer. On the one hand, Steph Curry has shattered every pre-existing three-point related record. He's got unlimited range, and looks 30-foot shots look like layups.

On the other, Thompson has one of the most prolific shooting forms in the history of the league. From a purist's standpoint, he may have the best form ever. Also, he's better in catch-and-shoot situations as he doesn't even need to dribble to get his shot off.

Both have won the NBA's 3-Point Shooting Contest, but Curry is a slightly more efficient shooter (42.8% to Thompson's 41.7%). Also, Steph averages more attempts and makes (3.8 triples on 8.8 attempts to Thompson's 3.0 on 7.1 shots).

Thompson has the most threes in a game (14 on 24 attempts to Curry's 13 on 22 shots). But all things considered, we have to give Stephen Curry the slight edge in this category. You couldn't go wrong either way, though.

How Long Have The Splash Brothers Been Teammates?

Steph Curry entered the NBA in 2009, while Thompson was Drafted in 2011. They've both spent their entire careers with the Golden State Warriors, winning three rings and making it to the NBA Finals six times.

They've also been teammates with Team USA, winning the gold medal in the 2014 FIBA World Cup, and in 2015, they became the first teammates to be elected starting guards in the NBA's All-Star Game since 1975.