The first 10 picks made on Thursday night were somewhat predictable. Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, Will Anderson Jr., Anthony Richardson, and Jalen Carter were some of the prospects that heard their names very early. When it comes to teams, the Philadelphia Eagles appeared as the biggest winners.

There were four teams with two first-round picks in the 2023 NFL Draft. The Detroit Lions, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Houston Texans all made interesting selections, but the Eagles were clearly the team to watch out of those with multiple selections because they already had a Super Bowl worthy roster.

Far from those top spots were the Dallas Cowboys picking at 26. Micah Parsons was part of the live coverage with Bleacher Report along with A.J. Brown, so everyone could see the roller-coaster his day was. Despite his NFC East rivals had a promising draft, he took time to come back at them when his team made their call.

Parsons reacts to the Cowboys drafting Mazi Smith

Since he was drafted in 2021 with the 12th overall pick Parsons has been the star of the Cowboys. His talent is the main reason why, although his personality is another thing that stands out. He was teased by Brown when Philadelphia moved up one spot to get Carter. “I’m just so sick to my stomach right now. I can’t believe so many teams passed on him”, he said.

But he would eventually have his revenge. The Cowboys took all the time in the clock before selecting Mazi Smith from Michigan. He is a huge defensive tackle that should help their run defense a lot. His reaction was priceless, even joking about the unstoppable play that the Eagles have been executing perfectly.

Let’s go, man. Look at the text. Dan [defensive coordinator Queen] wouldn’t let me down”, Micah started. Then host Adam Lefkoe read a text that Parsons sent to Quinn talking about Smith, but after that he went crazy. “No more QB sneaks, A.J.!”, Parsons yelled. Here’s the full video, via @BleacherReport.