The 2023 NFL Draft is near and the Carolina Panthers will be the first ones to select who they think is the best prospect of this class. However, that decision might have already been taken as reports say the NFC South team know who will they take with the 1st-overall pick.

To pick first in an NFL Draft could be one of the most difficult tasks in football. The team's front office must select the best player available, and he must prove why he was worthy of being called first.

This task becomes even tougher when a team gives away multiple players and draft picks to take that first spot. For this reason, the Panthers are really analyzing who they will select to work around him during the upcoming years..

Report: Panthers alredy know which quarterback to take with the 1st-overall pick

The Carolina Panthers traded with the Chicago Bears for the 2023 1st-overall pick on March. They wanted this spot to select a quarterback, but there are too many good options and everyone was wondering who would they choose.

Well, that mystery seems to be gone. According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the Panthers will select Bryce Young. The dilemma was between him and CJ Stroud, but it was the one from Alabama who won the race.

It seems like Bryce Young's talent was way more important than his height (5' 10''), which was a huge alarm for the scouts. However, he's seen as the best quarterback of this class and the Panthers are confident they will succed with him leading the offense.