The NFL could have a lot of quarterbacks changing teams in the offseason. There are already a lot of stories written about Aaron Rodgers leaving the Green Bay Packers, although he isn’t even a free agent. Now a new name joined the list of signal-callers that are switching uniforms.

There are a couple of them that will certainly play somewhere else compared to last season. The main one is former Las Vegas Raiders player Derek Carr. Some of the potential landing spots are the New York Jets, the New Orleans Saints, or the Carolina Panthers.

He will have some competition in that regard. Another starter ready to move on is Jimmy Garoppolo, but his future seems a bit more uncertain. The passer that was just released is not at that level, although it could be a bridge option for some teams developing a young quarterback.

Who is the new quarterback available in free agency?

Monday had the Washington Commanders cutting ties with Carson Wentz in a very predictable move. There are some players that turn into cap casualties regardless of how they performed, but in this case both things are true. The former n°2 overall pick Marcus Mariota became an unrestricted free agent after being released by the Atlanta Falcons.

He was signed last offseason following the Matt Ryan trade to the Indianapolis Colts, although he wasn’t the answer at quarterback. Atlanta didn’t need cap space, but they created an extra 12 million for releasing someone they weren’t going to use. Mariota could continue his journey as a backup of a team that is trying to buy some time for a developing player.