In the last 22 years, Tom Brady has proven what he's capable of and there's no doubt that he is one of the greatest of all time in the NFL. Now, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers player got real on who he thinks is the best quarterback in the NFC nowadays and that could be his successor in the future.

Tom Brady is entering the last years of his career, or at least that's what we all think. He has been in the NFL for 23 seasons and he wants to increase that number, but of course as time goes by it gets harder.

The 45-year-old has revealed he wants to play for at leas one more season. But now, he has started talking about the future and who he thinks are the most suitable players to take his job and become great quarterbacks.

Tom Brady gives a huge hint on who he thinks is the best quarterback in the NFC

For 23 seasons, Tom Brady has been a very dominant quarterback in the NFL. There's no doubt that his legacy will continue forever and younger players will see it as something to reach in order to become the greatest.

In this end of his career, Brady is already thinking on who will take his spot and could become as dominant as he has been. Now, he got real on this topic and gave all types of compliments to Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, who he admires.

"He starts to run, he stops and he throws the ball, so his ability to make plays in the run game is very impressive,"said Brady on his Let's Go podcast about Hurts. "And 157 yards for anybody’s incredible. And then to have the ability to pass the football like he does as well, that’s why that team is so successful.

“He’s playing at a very, very high level, and they’re a tough team to stop. And even if you think you’ve got him stopped for a lot of the game, like the Colts had them a few weeks ago, it comes down to a drive at the end of the game, and he’s got a little more energy left in the tank and he makes a game-winning run there at the end for a touchdown, so it’s hard to defend when you have a dual-threat quarterback."