An era has ended with Tom Brady's retirement. A new generation of quarterbacks is trying to take his place, but according to a Hall of Famer, there's a 'hidden gem' in the NFC no one is talking about and he may be his real successor.

There's no other player who has more Super Bowl rings than Brady. The 45-year-old recently ended his successful NFL career, with tons of milestones that seem unreachable for anyone.

With Brady leaving the NFL, there's space for other players to fight for his throne. Lots of young quarterbacks will definitely be near him, but there's one who is also an underdog just as Tom was when he entered the league.

Tony Gonzalez thinks there's a 'hidden gem' in the NFC similar to Tom Brady

Throughout NFL history there have been tons of great quarterbacks and Tom Brady is definitely one of them. He decided to retire with seven Super Bowl rings, leaving a tought task for any other player who wants to surpass him.

Now, everybody is trying to find his successor, but Tony Gonzalez thinks he has already found one.

According to the Pro Football Hall of Fame tight end, the San Francisco 49ers have on Brock Purdy, the 2022 NFL Mr. Irrelevant, a quarterback who could be as great as Tom Brady.

“Really, I think the most impressive part [of Purdy] is his ability emotionally never to get too high, never to get too low, Gonzalez said to NBC Sports Bay Area’s Jennifer Lee Chan. “Reminds me of a great quarterback, someone like Tom Brady. That personality style where it’s like, ‘Hey, next game up. Yeah, we had a big win but we’ve got to go out there and play.' The moment is never too big, and it’s never too bad either, no matter the situation.”

Just as Brady with Drew Bledsoe, Purdy had to step up this season due to the injuries of Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo. He managed to take the 49ers until the NFC Championship, but they were eliminated by the Eagles.