The New York Jets will definitely sign a veteran quarterback this year, but who will it be? Aaron Rodgers is an option, but not the only one as it seems like the AFC East team is looking for other players in the market.

The Jets are moving on from Zach Wilson. They are trying to add a veteran quarterback in 2023 to put pressure on him and to use the newcomer as teacher for the young player.

But even though it seemed like Aaron Rodgers would be landing in New York, his arrival may be postponed. The Jets are interested in two other options in order to sign a new veteran quarterback for 2023.

Aaron Rodgers has competition to sign for the Jets

According to Adam Schefter, Aaron Rodgers is almost outside Green Bay. The team is preparing to trade him in 2023 and there are multiple squads interested in him, including the Jets.

But New York has looked for other options in case they can't offer what the Packers ask for Rodgers.

Jimmy Garoppolo and Derek Carr have entered the conversations in the Jets' front office, per Dov Kleiman. They see them as upgrades to Zach Wilson, who is uncertain if he'll stay.

Even though these three options are their priority, they will also search for other veteran quarterbacks available, sources told Kleiman. Should they push for Rodgers or wait to find another one who could cost them less?