Since 2001, Tom Brady has been one of the best players in NFL's recent history. Alongside Bill Belichick, this couple won six Super Bowl rings in the New England Patriots. But now, once the quarterback left Boston, the head coach has been in real trouble and a former superstar has judged him for relying so much in the player.

Tom Brady's path through Massachusetts will be remembered throught history. He entered the league with the 199th pick of the 2000 NFL Draft not even as an underdog and now is in the GOAT talk for what he has done.

For most of the Patriots fans, Tom Brady is what he is nowadays thanks to Bill Belichick, but of course some people think different. Now, a former NFL supertar has established that the head coach is nothing without the quarterback in New England.

LeSean McCoy thinks Bill Belichick is over after Tom Brady's departure

LeSean McCoy is one of the best running backs in NFL's history. The two-time Super Bowl champion has now judged Bill Belichick as he thinks the coach's system is unfunctional without Tom Brady leading the offense.

"It’s over for Belichick. It’s over,” LeSean McCoy said for FOX Sports’ SPEAK. “…I’ve never seen the Patriots pay so many guys on defense at one time. They’re doing it now that Tom is gone. It’s over. This is the real Belichick. The winning percentage, playing with Brady, is 77 percent. Without Tom Brady, you wouldn’t even guess. 47 percent. He don’t win no games without Tom Brady."

Shady McCoy spent his last NFL season alongside Tom Brady in the Buccaneers, where they won the LV Super Bowl. He showed respect for his former teammate, but not for the Patriots head coach.

"Since Tom Brady has left, they (New England Patriots) look so regular. Seriously though, when I watch the tape and I really watch them, they’re getting beat up front in the running game, defenders missing tackles—they look bad. They can’t do nothing on offense. Every coach in the AFC, for all of these years when they had Tom Brady, they’re saying the same thing I’m saying right now. Without Tom Brady, Belichick is a good coach. Stop with all of this he’s the greatest of all time. He’s not.”