Matthew Stafford entered the NFL with a lot of praise and high expectations as the first overall pick of the 2009 draft. Ever since, however, he hasn't found much success despite posting very good numbers.

Stafford has earned the respect and recognition among his peers for his no-look passes, strong arm, accuracy, and more than that: His toughness. He hates missing a single snap and will play through injury any given day.

Nonetheless, other than Calvin Johnson, the Detroit Lions have never given him any kind of weapons whatsoever. More than that, they've been middle-to-bottom of the pack in defense since he entered the league.

The Lions ranked 1st in drops around the league with 350 dropped passes since 2009, hence making Stafford's job quite difficult. Now, however, his career may finally take the turn it deserves, as he was recently traded to the Los Angeles Rams.

Los Angeles Rams Trade Jared Goff And 3 Picks For Matthew Stafford: Funniest Memes And Reactions

The Los Angeles Rams traded away former 1st overall pick Jared Goff, two future first-round picks, and a future third-round pick in return for Stafford's services, which seems like a lot considering Matthew's age and history with injuries.

What's even more ironic about this deal is the fact that, back in 2016, the Rams traded five picks to get Jared Goff. Now, they're giving away three more picks to get rid of them. In all honesty, he hasn't been that bad but hey, this business is ruthless.

As for Stafford, he'll be joining Steve McVay's quarterback-friendly system and will have a lot of weapons at his disposal for the first time ever, so expect him to have a career-year next season and, who knows? perhaps that's all they needed to be Super Bowl contenders again, as they also boast an elite defense.