In sports, most of the clubs have a mascot to represent them anywhere. In the National Football League is not different and there are 27 teams that have one in every single home game, but how much do they make per year?

Not everything in football is the game as it is. There are also some other things that make it one of the best shows around the country, including the extra entertainment on and off the pitch.

American sports have some of the best mascots around the world, from the iconic Benny the Bull from the Chicago Bulls (NBA) to Indianapolis Colts' Blue. They are in charge of bringing extra joy in every game, either in the stands or on the pitch.

How much does an NFL mascot earns?

There are some NFL mascots that are very recognizable even if you're not a football fan. They have won extra followers on social media and their job has evolved into something else than just cheering in the games.

According to SportsKeeda, mascots in college and professional football earn different amounts of money. In the first one, the paycheck is around $25,000 per year, as for the second one it grows to $60,000 per year average.

But besides that average, there is one that surpasses the rest: NBA Denver Nugets' Rocky. The top basketball mascot makes $625,000 per season and he was even inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2006.