The Washington Commanders have a new ownership and Magic Johnson is part of it. Now, the legendary basketball player has made his first big decision that will definitely have a huge impact on the team for the 2024 NFL season.

In recent times, the Commanders have been far from being a competitive franchise. Dan Snyder, the former owner, decided to sell the team in order to avoid more criticism from the fans.

An investment group led by Josh Harris, owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils, has decided to buy the club. Now, it seems like big changes are coming to Washington in order to help the team succeed.

Magic Johnson’s debut decision as co-owner of the Commanders

The Commanders are poised to become a competitive team in the near future. They have been unable to fight in the NFC East recently, with several problems in the management that have not helped in their quest.

Dan Snyder, former owner of the team, was severely judged by the fans because of his lack of commitment to the franchise. Last year, he decided to step away and sell it to a group led by Josh Harris, a well-known American investor.

However, Harris didn’t take over the team alone. He decided to form a group to make collective decisions, and Magic Johnson, a legendary NBA player, is part of it.

Now, Johnson has made his first big decision to help the team improve. According to reports, he was the one that lured Kliff Kingsbury to Washington. The former head coach will join the team as offensive coordinator, and it is all because of Magic.

It has been reported that Kingsbury had the opportunity to join the Las Vegas Raiders. However, Johnson stepped in to convince him to join the Commanders by offering a more lucrative contract.

Will the Commanders draft a quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft?

The Commanders require significant changes for the 2024 NFL season. They’ve lacked a franchise quarterback for years, but it appears they’re poised to acquire an elite player to lead the offense in the upcoming campaign.

Currently, the Commanders hold the 2nd overall pick. According to reports, they will use it to draft a quarterback, as Sam Howell has not lived up to the expectations and they are set to replace him soon.

SURVEY Will the Commanders offense improve with Kliff Kingsbury?

Will the Commanders offense improve with Kliff Kingsbury?