Saquon Barkley is set to hit the free agency market. The current running back of the New York Giants has met with a team interested in his services, and reports suggest that both sides are looking forward to closing a deal soon.

Running backs have recently struggled to secure long-term deals with NFL teams. Saquon Barkley couldn’t sign a contract extension with the Giants last year, and now his future is uncertain.

Barkley will be part of this year’s free agency market, which means that he holds his future in his own hands. Now, he has begun the process of finding a new club, and there are several teams interested in his services.

Saquon Barkley meets with the Giants to discuss a long-term deal

Saquon Barkley has not received the best treatment from the Giants lately. The NFC East team offered him a one-year contract for the 2023 season, and now he’s set to hit the free agency market for the first time in his career.

Even though Barkley was not able to secure a long-term deal, he’s very interested in staying in New York. The running back has stated multiple times that he’s very comfortable with the Giants, and he wants to continue playing for them.

Now, the Giants have made their first move towards keeping Barkley. During the 2024 NFL Combine, the agent of the running back met with the team’s front office, and CBS reported that it went very well.

Joe Schoen, the team’s general manager, recently stated that they want to keep Barkley but acknowledged that it won’t be an easy negotiation. The running back desires a lucrative deal that secures his presence in the Big Apple for many years.

However, the Giants will face competition in signing Barkley. According to rumors, the player is interested in joining C.J. Stroud at the Houston Texans, as he also aims to play for a contender in the pursuit of competing for the Super Bowl.

Can Saquon Barkley be franchised tagged again?

Last year, the Giants placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on Barkley last year. This allowed the player to seek a trade, but they ultimately took it off from him and gave the running back a one-year contract.

As they didn’t utilize it last year, they had the opportunity to place the franchise tag on Barkley this year. However, they have decided against it, as it would have entailed a 120% increase on his 2023 contract.

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Which team would be better for Saquon Barkley?