The regular season ends on Sunday, January 9, 2022 and a week later the first games of the postseason start with the Wild Card round between January 15 and 16. After that first round, the 2022 NFL postseason has a lot more to offer with the divisional round starting from January 22 through January 23.

All games will be available on television across the country thanks to the network of sports channels such as ESPN, ABC, NBC and NFL Game Pass. But for non-mainstream TV fans, the playoffs will also be available via live stream in United States by FuboTV and Paramount+ , and in Canada with DAZN for most of the postseason games.

The games for the 2021-22 Playoffs will be a bit more interesting than last season since this time most of the top seeded teams have the best quarterbacks of the season: Tannehill, Mahomes, Burrow, Allen, Rodgers, Stafford, Brady, Prescott and Murray.

NFL Playoffs 2022: How to live stream free playoff games in the US

Live streaming is always the best option since the subscriber can watch the NFL playoffs from anywhere with a device such as smartphone, tablet or pc. In the United States the official live stream service of the league is the NFL Network also known as NFL Game Pass, but this service is focused only on the NFL games and after the season ends the subscriber can do nothing but look at old content.

Another highly recommended option is to live stream the NFL playoff games is FuboTV with a 7-day free trial. FuboTV not only offers sports, but also offers other types of content throughout the year. The second best live stream service for the 2022 NFL postseason is Paramount+.

The big networks also offer live streams of each of the playoff games, one is ESPN that offers Apps and website streaming for subscribers. NBC, ABC and CBS also offer live streaming not only for the NFL but for other sports and leagues in the United States.


NFL Playoffs 2022: How to watch the postseason games in the US Television

If you have satellite tv you can tune in any of the following TV channels: ESPN, FOX, NBC and CBS as all sport networks will offer the NFL playoffs during the postseason. All the aforementioned channels are available in the United States through the major satellite & cable companies.

How to live stream the NFL playoff games in Canada

DAZN is the top live streaming service to watch the 2022 NFL Playoffs in Canada, it is a highly competitive service compared to big sports networks. The best thing about DAZN is that it offers a 30-day free trial subscription for new users.

How to live stream the NFL playoff games in UK

In the United Kingdom the number one service to watch the NFL playoffs is Sky Sports as they have the exclusive rights of the league to broadcast the games in the UK. Another option to watch the NFL action in the UK is the NFL Game Pass.