Jordan Love is widely regarded as the best player on the Green Bay Packers currently. Unfortunately, his 2024 NFL season is in jeopardy, as he has revealed that he may consider not playing it.

Everything is set for a new exciting NFL season. The teams are preparing all the details to face the upcoming campaign, with the Packers having high expectations on what they could achieve this year.

The NFC North has been very competitive lately, but the Packers have not had great seasons recently. Jordan Love could be their savior, but the quarterback may not be very interested in playing this upcoming season.

Jordan Love might decide to sit out the 2024 NFL season

Jordan Love’s situation with the Packers is not in the best terms possible. Last year, the quarterback signed a 1-year deal with Green Bay instead of using the fifth-year option available on his rookie contract.

Due to this move, Love will earn $13.5 million during the 2024 NFL season. It is a lot less money than what other top-tier quarterbacks are earning, and the Packers player is aware of it.

Even though Love has not skipped OTAs, he is not entirely convinced about his participation in the upcoming campaign. The quarterback is waiting for a new contract extension, and hopes to get it this same summer.

“I don’t really know what’s going on, but we’ll see,” Love told reporters Tuesday about his contract. “I’m not gonna get into too much contract stuff.”

Jordan Love, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers

Jordan Love, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers

When asked if he would play the 2024 NFL season, Love answered, “We’ll see. I don’t know yet. We’ll see.” Several players have sat out numerous games until getting a new contract, and Jordan could follow in their footsteps this year.

How much would Jordan Love earn with his new contract?

Having a top-tier quarterback is vital for each NFL team. Following Aaron Rodgers‘ departure last year, the Packers gave Jordan Love the opportunity to lead the offense, and he really lived up to the expectations.

According to Spotrac, the Packers should offer Jordan Love a 4-year, $191.5 million deal this summer. Under this contract, the quarterback would earn $47.9 per season with Green Bay.

SURVEY Should the Packers give Jordan Love a contract extension this summer?

Should the Packers give Jordan Love a contract extension this summer?