The New York Jets will be followed by HBO’s cameras this year, as they were selected to be the 2023 Hard Knocks team. Now, the NFL has shared the first images of the series, with Aaron Rodgers as its biggest star.

According to NFL rules, each year a team must be selected to appear in a special series called ‘Hard Knocks’, which features teams that have struggled in recent campaigns, showcasing their improvement for the upcoming season.

This year, the Jets were among the clubs that could have been selected for it. New York rejected the idea, but the NFL demanded that they appear. Now, fans will get a better view of what the team’s front office has been doing to achieve success.

NFL Films shows the first images of Aaron Rodgers and the Jets in 2023 Hard Knocks series

The Jets were not exactly thrilled when they knew they were selected to be the 2023 Hard Knocks team. New York has added several elite players this offseason, so they want to be seen as a true contender to win this year’s Super Bowl.

Of course, Aaron Rodgers is seen as the best player the Jets have nowadays. The quarterback knows that all HBO’s cameras will follow him anywhere he goes, and the league has confirmed this.

NFL Films revealed the first images of the 2023 Hard Knocks series, featuring Aaron Rodgers. The quarterback is seen talking to his teammates and staff, sharing some wise words during the training camp.

Rodgers tells his teammates to enjoy the camp and advises them to get to know other players. The quarterback is in love with his new team, and he really wants to succeed in his first season with New York.