When the New York Jets traded for Aaron Rodgers, they knew that they needed more weapons to help him succeed. Now, they are one step away from adding an elite player to bolster the quarterback’s offense.

During this offseason, the Jets have been signing several players, including Rodgers’ former teammates. They want the veteran quarterback to feel more comfortable, and having a great roster is the way to do it.

Even though Rodgers is seen as a piece that would change the Jets for good, the team’s front office knows he needs company. As of today, New York has one of the best rosters in the league, but will they be able to compete for the Super Bowl LVIII?

Jets host elite player that could bolster Aaron Rodgers’ offense

The 2023 NFL season is just around the corner, and the 32 teams are ready to face the preseason. The Jets will start their participation on Thursday by facing the Cleveland Browns.

As their campaign is about to start, the team’s front office needs to know which players they will use this year. Now, they are hosting an elite free agent for a practice, one who could be the final piece to secure success.

According to NFL Insider Tom Pelissero, the New York Jets are hosting Dalvin Cook for a visit. The running back has been linked to the AFC East during this offseason, as Dolphins and Patriots are also interested in him.

New York wants to provide Aaron Rodgers with a top running back to support him this year. Cook is seeking a team that offers him a lucrative contract and the opportunity to compete for Super Bowl LVIII, and the Jets could definitely be that team.