Aaron Rodgers is getting to know his new teammates. Unfortunately, the New York Jets quarterback may lose a key partner of his talented offense just one week away from the start of the preseason.

Earlier this year, the Jets secured the elite quarterback they were looking for. New York agreed terms with the Green Bay Packers to trade Aaron Rodgers to the Big Apple, acquiring a Super Bowl champion to lead their offense.

The former 24th overall pick is in love with his new teams. He recently revealed that New York has a highly talented roster, and that’s why he has decided to play for two more years with the AFC East squad.

Aaron Rodgers’ key wide receiver suffers an injury during training camp

The preseason is about to start, and the Jets are the first ones to play. Next Thursday, New York will face the Cleveland Browns, but unfortunately they may not be able to use one of their best players.

During today’s training camp, Garrett Wilson, a key partner for Aaron Rodgers, suffered an ankle injury that forced him to limp off the practice field. He was taken immediately to the locker room for further evaluation.

Fans were concerned about his status, as Wilson is poised to be one of the best weapons available for their new quarterback. “All indications are he’ll be ok,” head coach Robert Saleh said.