After the 2023 NFL season, the New England Patriots decided to move on and part ways with Bill Belichick. Now, the former head coach is looking for a new job, and it seems like a surprising opportunity is on the horizon for him.

Bill Belichick is, for some fans and analysts, one of the greatest coaches in NFL history. He was able to lead the Patriots to six Super Bowl victories, creating a dynasty for almost 20 years.

However, everything changed in 2020. When Tom Brady left New England, Bill Belichick really struggled to find his replacement, and unfortunately he was unable to succeed without the legendary quarterback.

Bill Belichick’s son unveils his dad’s plans for the future

It seems like Bill Belichick won’t coach any team in the 2024 season. All jobs are currently taken, and now the former Patriot needs to find another path to continue his career.

During this offseason, Belichick approached several teams to offer his services. According to reports, he was very close from joining the Atlanta Falcons, but the team preferred to sign Raheem Morris instead.

Surprisingly, Belichick didn’t receive any coaching offers this year. According to reports, he was asking to be the highest-paid head coach in the NFL, which is why clubs reportedly hesitated to hire him.

Now, everybody is waiting for Bill Belichick to announce his next step. It was reported that he was interested in taking a job as an advisor in any team, but it seems like he’s interested in taking another path.

According to Steve Belichick, Bill’s son, his father could join a television broadcast for the 2024 season. It was previously rumored that several channels were interested in hiring him, and now may be the perfect time to do so.

Why did no team hired Bill Belichick as head coach?

As mentioned earlier, the Falcons were very close to hiring Bill Belichick. NFL Media reported that the team had two interviews with the coach, but in the end, they opted for another candidate.

If Belichick seeks a broadcast job, several networks will certainly be interested in hiring him. However, the former coach knows his value and he will certainly ask for a lot of money to be their football analyst.

SURVEY Will Bill Belichick retire this year?

Will Bill Belichick retire this year?