It's definitely been a wonderful ride for Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks during their ten years together, regardless of how bad things have gone this season. He's one of the greatest quarterbacks the NFL has seen and Seattle were right on drafting him, as he led them to a long-awaited Super Bowl triumph shortly after.

But the Seahawks' struggles this season suggest they must face rebuild, which can't wait much longer. They'll probably miss the playoffs this year, unless they pull off a miraculous comeback in the final stretch of the regular season. And the changes they need to face next year could imply it's time for Wilson and the Seahawks to take separate ways.

The 33-year-old quarterback still has what it takes to challenge for another Super Bowl ring but he may have to chase it somewhere else, as he's not getting any younger and time is running out. According to Jordan Schultz, Wilson would "strongly" consider waiving his no-trade clause for these three teams.

3. New York Giants

It's been a long time since the New York Giants were legit Super Bowl contenders. And it doesn't seem that they will look like it in the near future either. Of the three possible options, this one looks the less likely destination for Wilson.

He would find himself with practically the same problems he's suffering in Seattle right now as the Giants are not just a star quarterback away from being a powerful team. But New York is always an attractive city and the Giants also have a nice history, making the challenge of turning their fortunes' around something appealing. Then again, the franchise may not have enough salary cap to make it happen.

2. New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints, on the other hand, could be a much better place to go for Wilson. Unlike the Giants, they do look like a team who could use a big-name quarterback to challenge for a deep run. They seem to have enough tools on every line except under center, with Jameis Winston suffering a season-ending injury.

Wilson would come as a massive addition for Sean Payton's playbook with Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas as fantastic targets, with a defense that looks capable of getting the job done. The Saints have a great roster overall but lacking a dependable QB is proving them costly.

1. Denver Broncos

Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos would be the other team Wilson would consider waiving his no-trade clause for, per Jordan Schultz. And it makes a lot of sense. Denver have a lot of potential and a quarterback of Wilson's caliber could be the key for unlocking it.

Drew Lock hasn't fully convinced Vic Fangio he's the right guy for the job but Teddy Bridgewater hasn't proven to be the answer either. The Broncos have a great defense and perhaps they just need somebody like Wilson to take the offensive reins in order to be true contenders.

It remains to be seen how this situation will unfold but, as hard as it may sound for the Seahawks to part ways with Wilson, maybe it's something they could seize on for a real overhaul. Trading Wilson could provide them the necessary draft picks to rebuild themselves. But of course, maybe neither of them is interested in doing that. For now, they still have a few weeks ahead of them to finish this year strongly.