The NFL is very clear in warning all fans not to visit stadiums if they have Covid-19  symptoms. The league asks fans to respect each of the local mandates in the different cities and states where the stadiums are located in order to keep coronavirus outbreaks as low as possible during the season.

The protocols in each NFL Stadium are not so different from each other, the only difference is that some stadiums are forcing fans to show vaccination certificates or negative PCR tests prior to the game. Other stadiums require each of the fans to wear a facemask or they will not be able to enter the facilities.

Last season the stadiums were mostly empty, some stadiums allowed a small group of people for each team, but during the super bowl it was obvious how few people were in the stands. In the 2021 NFL season, fans will travel across the country following their teams and that could cause a Covid-19 outbreak in some cities.

NFL Stadiums with Covid Rules

Not all stadiums are strict with the covid rules, very few stadiums are asking for a vaccination certificate from the fans. Only six stadiums decided that each fan must show a proof of vaccination before attending the games, otherwise they will not be able to enter to see the game in the stadium.

Allegiant Stadium

One of the teams with covid rules in their stadium is the Las Vegas Raiders, they offer free vaccines at Allegiant Stadium for fans who do not have a vaccination certificate. Entry to people without vaccines is not allowed. The other way to enter the Allegiant stadium is with a negative COVID (PCR) test.

U.S. Bank Stadium

The Minnesota Vikings (U.S. Bank Stadium) kindly ask fans to wear masks during the games, it is not mandatory to enter the stadium, but within the facilities there are signs about the use of the face mask. In addition, the stadium has a restriction on the food sales area to enforce social distancing.

Highmark Stadium & Lumen Field

Other stadiums with strict covid rules are Highmark Stadium (Buffalo Bills) and Lumen Field (Seattle Seahawks) where it is mandatory for each fan to show their vaccination certificate before entering each game. It is not allowed to enter with a negative covid test or another type of test, only vaccinated people.

Caesars Superdome

The rules in New Orleans are also demanding and strict, the Saintsask fans to show vaccination certificates or a negative covid test to enter the games, plus ticket sales will be cashless, only internet or credit card.

SoFi Stadium

The SoFi Stadium (Chargers and Rams) do not require a vaccination certificate or negative covid test for children under 12 years of age (as in other stadiums), but all other people must be fully vaccinated before entering the facilities in Inglewood.

Other NFL Stadiums without Covid Rules

Most of the other stadiums that were not mentioned above do not require a vaccination certificate to watch the games, but some stadiums like Raymond James Stadiums campaign every week for fans to get vaccinated and wear masks inside the stadium.