In recent years, offenses have seen a shift towards a more prominent passing game, which has somewhat diminished individual rushing yard production. However, Christian McCaffrey stands out as an exception to this trend.

Despite suffering an oblique injury in week 6, McCaffrey returned to the field in the 49ers‘ unanticipated defeat against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night. He continued to break records by scoring a touchdown for the 16th consecutive game.

McCaffrey has solidified his position at the top of the rushing leaders with a total of 598 yards in seven matchups. His effectiveness has seen a noticeable reduction in the last three games as the running back’s maximum yardage during this span was only 51 yards.

Rushing Yards Leaders in the Season

While understandably headed by McCaffrey due to his dynamic play in a high-powered offense, the list of rushing leaders for this season, includes some unexpected names completing the five most efficient running backs thus far.

In second place we find Zack Moss accumulating 523 rushing yards in just six games. Despite the return of Jonathan Taylor to the Indianapolis Colts‘ lineup, Moss has maintained his high ranking thanks to his early-season contributions, averaging 4.6 yards per attempt.

The third spot now belongs to D’Andre Swift, who joined the Philadelphia Eagles last offseason to replace Miles Sanders. Swift’s recent performances suggest that he’s poised to climb further up the ranks.

Travis Etienne is another running back trending upward as the Jacksonville Jaguars begin to live up to their potential with a 5-2 record. Etienne leads the league in rushing attempts with 127, contributing significantly to the Jaguars’ success.

Completing the list of the top running backs this season is Raheem Mostert, who has produced 474 rushing yards for the Miami Dolphins. Mostert has received fewer attempts to showcase his skillset unlike some of the other players, but he leads the league with nine rushing touchdowns.

SURVEY Can Christian McCaffrey be the rushing leader this season?

Can Christian McCaffrey be the rushing leader this season?


How Many Rushing Yards Has McCaffrey Produced in a Season?

McCaffrey has 1,387 as his best mark in rushing yards in 2019.