The solution for the drought of the Los Angeles Rams in the 21st century with the Super Bowl rings is a victory, there is no other way to end that drought but to win against the Bengals in Super Bowl LVI which will be hosted at the Ram's home field in Inglewood, Calif. The Rams were close to winning a Super Bowl ring in the 21st century but they failed.

The first season of the Rams in the NFL was in 1936 under Damon Wetzel as head coach, at that time there was no super bowl but the team ended 2nd overall in the regular season. Almost 10 years later the Rams played in the postseason against the Redskins and won the NFL Championship.

After two name changes, the Rams are still a strong team with a good roster willing to do anything to make it to the postseason. But they were always more efficient as a California team than a St. Louis team.

When was the last time the Los Angeles Rams won a Super Bowl?

In 1999 the Rams won their last Super Bowl against the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV, it was a relatively easy game for the Rams as the team won 23-16, at that time the Rams were known as the St. Louis Rams and they dominated the most part of the big game but the Titans tried to come back in the second half with 16 points.

When did the Rams win their first Super Bowl?

The Rams have won only one Super Bowl in 1999, the rest of the team has played in 25 playoffs without counting the NFL Championships they won before the merger, which were two against the Red Skins and the Browns.

The worst drought for the Rams was when they played as the St. Louis Rams, for 11 seasons they did not play in the playoffs, after that drought the team changed its name to the Los Angeles Rams and ended the losing streak in 2017.