Ty Law knows a thing or two about Bill Belichick. One of the best cornerbacks to ever play for the New England Patriots, the Hall of Famer made history under the longtime coach’s tenure by being part of three Super Bowl victories.

Belichick may have forged a reputation for being an extremely demanding coach, and even cold with his players. Law made it clear that’s not true, though he admitted that Belichick could be very tough when it came to contract negotiations.

That’s the only time me and Bill didn’t get along—contract time,” Law said, when appearing on “The Greg Hill Show,” via Patriots Wire. “I’ll say it every time. Bill is the coolest and dopest coach. Personable, you can always go talk to him. The only time that he’s an ass—and I will call him an ass. So when he comes on here, Bill knows, I will call him an ass during contract time. That’s the only time. Other than that, man, Bill is solid as a rock.”

Bill Belichick going through tough times in Foxborough

Law has lived the golden years of Belichick at Gillette Stadium, but now the outlook is completely different in Foxborough. Since Tom Brady left in 2020, the organization hasn’t enjoyed so much success.

In fact, the Patriots have only made one postseason appearance in three years – a brutal Wild Card loss to the Bills in 2022, And it doesn’t look like things will improve anytime soon. Bottom of the AFC East with a 2-8 record, the Patriots look practically out of the playoff picture.

It’s been years since the Patriots looked truly competitive, which is why Belichick seems to be on the hot seat despite everything he accomplished with them this century.

Four teams mentioned as possible trade suitors for Belichick

With Belichick reportedly walking on thin ice, the 71-year-old coach has already been linked with potential landing spots outside Foxboro. According to NFL insider Mike Florio, believes four teams could be on the cards.

The teams to watch that I mentioned, the Buccaneers, Panthers, Commanders, Chargers, those are the four I’d watch most closely,” Florio said on “Pardon My Take,” via Sports Illustrated. “And of those, the one that I think is the most fascinating is the Buccaneers.”

SURVEY Should the Patriots move on from Bill Belichick?

Should the Patriots move on from Bill Belichick?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers currently sit at 4-6, which is why Florio believes hiring a big name like Belichick could help the franchise revive the excitement around the team after Brady’s retirement.

Go out and hire a big name, put butts in the seats, they can’t get people to come to the games now that they don’t have Brady,” Florio added. “Go after Belichick, put butts in the seats, if he wins, he wins, if he doesn’t, he doesn’t, but we’re going to make money in the interim by filling up our stadium.”