Bill Belichick is living his worst moment as head coach of the Patriots. Following a 10-6 loss against the Indianapolis Colts in Germany, New England have a 2-8 record. After the retirement of Tom Brady, nothing has been the same for the franchise.

Mac Jones is definitely not the franchise quarterback of the future and, considering the team’s terrible performances, Belichick has been singled out as the main responsible because of his crucial role as general manager.

As a result, in recent days, many rumors suggest that Bill Belichick could be fired very soon. However, the NFL legend stated this Sunday that he has no plans to resign. This was his answer when asked if he was bothered by all the talk about his job security.

“Yeah, I’ll just do the best I can every day. I think we’re all disappointed in the season. I think we all feel that way. But, we’ll keep going here. Seven games to go. Be ready to go next week against the Giants.”

Will Mac Jones remain as starting quarterback for the Patriots?

During the press conference after the game, one of the first questions for Bill Belichick was whether Mac Jones would continue as the starting quarterback and if he has still faith on the young player.

The New England Patriots have their bye week and then will play against the New York Giants. “Yeah, we’ll worry about next week, next week. Game just finished like half hour ago. I have faith on all our players.”

Furthermore, Belichick assumed full responsibility for another loss. “Obviously, a disappointing game. Similar theme that we’ve had other games this year. Just too many missed opportunities in all three phases. I just didn’t do a good job today. As a team, we’re just not doing enough things that we need to do to win. Everybody needs to do better.”

Will Bill Belichick be fired as head coach of the Patriots?

The interesting thing is that, just a few weeks ago, Ian Rapoport surprised the entire NFL with a report about the Patriots. According to the information, Bill Belichick signed a massive contract extension before the start of the 2023 season.

“His contract is one of the most closely held secrets in New England. That said, I think it’s fair to say there was some, at least, uncertainty or intrigue surrounding him. Now, contractually, he is locked up long-term.”

However, there were no details regarding how many years were included on that supposed contract and how much money Bill Belichick will receive in this new agreement.

What NFL coaches have won 300 games?

Bill Belichick is only the third head coach in NFL history with 300 regular season wins. The other two are Don Shula (328) and George Halas (318). Overall, Belichick has 331 wins and is really close of surpassing Shula’s extraordinary record of 347.

SURVEY Is Bill Belichick the greatest head coach in NFL history?

Is Bill Belichick the greatest head coach in NFL history?