Offseason in the NFL is not quiet at all, as teams make plans for the upcoming football year and there are many movements regarding rosters and players. The Draft is the main event during those months in which the activity is paused, but other important actions take place too.

Trade movements also hog the spotlight as they are crucial for the future of the championship. However, the organization itself also makes essential calls for the next tournament.

Looking forward to the beginning of a new NFL season this year, the league has already decided when and where the highly-expected Super Bowl will take place. Here, find out which stadium will host the most famous event in US sports. 

Venue and date for Super Bowl LVI

The Super Bowl LVI will be held at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California, on February 13, 2022. This modern venue was inaugurated last season, in September 2020, to be the home for local teams Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams. At first, the SB was expected to be played on February 6, but after the league expanded regular season to 17 games, the date was changed.

SoFi Stadium will host the Super Bowl LVI (Getty).

Unfortunately, the pandemic outbreak didn't allow fans to get inside this amazing stadium yet, but it is expected that they can finally do it for this 2021 season. The venue has a capacity of 70,000 spectators, and even though receiving such an amount of people may seem difficult right now, the NFL Commissioner seems to be optimistic about that. 

NFL Commissioner expects the return of full stadiums for 2021

Roger Goodell has stated that the league intends that stadiums return to at full capacity for the next season. Last year, some franchises could host a limited amount of fans inside their grounds, in which everyone had to wear masks and respecting physical distance, while other teams couldn't play even once in front of their supporters.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expressed that the league expects that stadiums return to full capacity (Getty).

While the vaccination campaign is taking place in the country, the NFL expects that the competition can return to normal days with crowded stadiums. "Football is simply not the same without fans, and we expect to have full stadiums in the upcoming season," he stated.

The next Super Bowl's date and stadium have been confirmed. There's still a long way ahead of the big event that will take place in 2022, but every franchise already has the date at Los Angeles on sight. And fans may fully return for the long-awaited event as well.