Back in 1999, if someone would've said that a skinny quarterback taken with the 199th pick of the NFL draft would be considered the greatest player to ever do it, no one would've believed you. Fast-forward to today and that's the case with Tom Brady.

Several years ago, the former New England Patriots star listened to a snippet of his pre-draft scouting report. According to those assessing him, he would be a system quarterback at best and lacked all the physical tools you need to thrive in the NFL

"This is the draft report on you. And we condensed it a little bit. And basically it goes... 'Tom Brady, poor-built' - that might be accurate. 'Skinny, lacks great physical stature and strength and gets knocked down easily," the interviewer told Brady.

Tom Brady Says He's Still Fed Up Because Of His Pre-Draft Scout Report

“Wow. That kinda gets me fired up because I'm thinking, you know. What the hell do these people know? That sounds like Joe Montana right there. When people tell you ‘Hey you can’t do this, you can’t do this,’ and you keep overcoming that, you build this confidence in yourself and this belief in yourself that, even when nobody believes in you that I’m still going to do it because I don’t give a sh*t what you say. I know what I can do and I’ve done it," Brady replied.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion recently posted that on his Twitter account, claiming that it's something that still gets him fed up to this day. Also, several years ago, he shared a picture wearing the shirt from his draft combine workout.

Once again, this proves that it doesn't matter whether you're taken with the 1st or the last pick of the draft. What matters is what you make out of the chances you're given to prove everybody wrong.