Just a couple of days ago, Tom Brady completed 30 of 41 passes for 411 yards with 5 touchdowns and no interceptions, leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 45-17 win over the Miami Dolphins.

Judging by those numbers, you'd never guess that he was hurt or dealing with any sort of limitation. Notably, he was actually injured after hurting his thumb early in the first quarter of the game.

There were some concerns regarding Brady's availability for their Thursday Night Football trip to Philadelphia to face the Eagles. Nonetheless, the legendary quarterback says there's nothing to worry about.

Tom Brady Shakes Off Concerns On His Thumb Injury, Says He's Had Worse

“For most guys, hand injuries won’t be much of a problem unless it’s really broken or something like that, but for quarterbacks, it’s pretty important,” Brady said on the Let’s Go! podcast. “Even after the game (Sunday), it was pretty sore and I had all these guys who were former teammates who wanted to shake my hand like normal and I said, ‘No man, my hand is messed up! Take it easy!’ So I just gave them a little fist bump, a light one, and wrapped it up. Hopefully it will feel great for Thursday night.”

“Obviously, a little bit sore after. Anytime you hit it on someone or a helmet or whatever, your hand can become pretty vulnerable,” Brady added. “I broke my ring finger on my right hand. I tore ligaments in my middle finger. I tore ligaments in my pointer finger. Ripped my thumb almost apart one time. But this is something hopefully I can work through pretty quickly. It’s a little bit sore but nothing I’m not used to. I’ve certainly had worse.”

That's classic Tom Brady right there. He's tough as nails and won't allow any injury to keep him off the field unless he can't walk. That's not what Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles wanted to hear, tho.