There's no denying that Tom Brady is one of the greatest players in NFL history. He's dominated the league almost at will for two decades straight and is looking forward to adding more silverware to his Super Bowl ring collection.

Even despite all of his achievements, Brady has often been questioned, doubted, and singled out. That's one of the main reasons why he continues to play with the same motivation he had when he entered the league as a sixth-round pick.

And, the most impressive - and scarier - part of this season is that he's actually going to be healthier and more comfortable. Needless to say, that makes the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the team to beat in the league again.

NFL News: Tom Brady Says He'll Be More Mobile This Season

“It’s good for me to feel like I can move around freely,” Brady told the Tampa Bay Times. “I had a knee sleeve on for 13 years. Just that little bit of compression keeps a hamstring from working the right way. You try to compress the knee to keep it more stable, but then you’re also compressing the quad. This is the first time that I’ve been able to run and not think about it. I’m not going to turn into Michael Vick out there but at least I’m not going to be super restricted.”

Brady Isn't Going Anywhere

Moreover, Brady opened up on the experience he's had at Tampa Bay thus far. He's delighted with the city, the weather, and the team, so it doesn't seem like he's ready to call it quits any time soon:

“Whatever I thought I was getting into, it’s been so much better,” Brady said. “As good as I could’ve envisioned, it’s been even more enjoyable than that. It’s pretty much a different life than being in the Northeast. I had a great 20 years and I never want to take away from that. Also, this experience has been amazing. (Tampa’s) a great-kept secret. It’s a small city. Everything is close. The airport is close. Work is close. We live on the water... Hopefully, I’ll be here a long time. For many years.”

Brady has as many haters as he has supporters. But even if you don't like him, the Patriots, the Bucs, or flat-out don't like football; you have to enjoy an athlete like this when you have the chance. They don't come too often.

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