Tom Brady's story in the NFL is one of the most inspiring in sports history. Not only his career was full of success being part of a dynasty with the New England Patriots, but he tasted glory once again at his 43 years of age with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Nobody could have seen that happening back in 2000 when he was selected in the NFL Draft.

Even a long time after that, when he left Foxborough, many people believed that his best years were already over. Very few could have expected him to lead the Bucs to their second Super Bowl in history, but we all know how the 2020 season finished. It wasn't the first time that Brady overcame the odds, though.

The legendary quarterback got used to being labeled from the very first moment in the league. The 2000 NFL Draft will be always remembered for being the one in which the Patriots' fortunes changed forever with one of the most unexpected outcomes in the competition's history.

Which draft pick was Tom Brady?

Usually, teams who have the highest picks expect to land the top prospects and next superstars from college football, and franchises can make lots of trades looking to secure the best choice. Frequently, the first picks are also taken by quarterbacks mostly, who may be seen as the next great players to feature in the league.

Tom Brady's photo at the NFL Draft (instagram: tombrady)

Well, that's obviously not always the case. If you don't think so, just check out how some situations turned out. Arguably the best player in NFL history and one of the most significant figures in sports, Tom Brady was selected with the 199th pick at the Round 6 of the 2000 Draft.

By that time, scouts didn't see a potentially legendary signal-caller in him at all. In fact, they described him as "poor build, skinny" and even stated that he "lacked a strong arm". As we know, TB12 proved them wrong and became one of the most important athletes in sports, and continues impressing despite his age.