The Green Bay Packers are one of the top teams of the NFL, winners of four Super Bowls and valued at $2.6 billion, according to Forbes, they have won a total of 13 league championships, hardly a small market team. The Packers are also the only NFL team that is publicly owned, not for profit major league professional sports team in the United States. So basically, it is the fans that own the team, and it has been that way since the Packers foundation.

The Packers fan base is extremely loyal, the team has sold out every one of their home games since 1960, and while the Packers are “a small market” team, they are one of the most popular teams of the entire league. The Packers also have the longest waiting list for season tickets, over 85,000 people are waiting for a chance to purchase season tickets.

One the biggest questions surrounding the Packers is, why are their fans known as the cheese heads? Here we will provide the answer as to why the Green Bay Packers fans are known as cheese heads.

Why are Packers fans known as the cheese heads?

The Packers fans wear hats in the form of cheese on their heads, and while it may be funny there is a reason behind the hats. The state of Wisconsin is known for its cheese production, and Packers fans have embraced that, since the state produces 26% of the country’s cheese.

Green Bay Packer fans pose in the parking lot of Lambeau Field with deer hats with cheese wedges before a game between the Packers and the Minnesota Vikings (Getty)

Originally the name “cheese heads” was herald as an insult to Milwaukee Brewers fans in 1987, but the Packers fans have run with it, and since 1994 the bright yellow cheese hats are seen in the stands.