Even though they're the reigning FIFA World Cup runner-ups, it seems like people continue to overlook Croatia. But a team featuring arguably the world's finest playmaker in Luka Modric should never be slept on.

The Croatians made it to the knockout stage with 5 points after getting a disappointing tie with Morocco, then bouncing back to beat Canada and eventually getting another draw, this time with Belgium.

Japan clinched a spot as a group leader with an impressive win over Germany, a loss to Costa Rica, and then another major upset vs. Spain. Clearly, this is a team that's not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the most prominent teams on Earth.

Qatar 2022: What If Croatia And Japan Tie In The Round Of 16?

One doesn't have to be a savant to realize that this game could be closer to what most people think. Neither side has a big edge over the other, although oddsmakers slightly favor the Croatian side.

So, if this exciting game ends in a tie in the first 90 minutes, both teams will get a five-minute break before going back to the pitch for an additional 30 minutes, divided into 15-minute halves. 

Should they still be tied at the end of overtime, then the winner will be settled with a penalty shootout. Each team will get at least five chances to score from the penalty spot. If both teams are still tied after that, teams will continue to get one kick each until the tie is broken.