Soccer fans and professionals alike were taken aback by Lionel Messi's decision to leave Barcelona in 2021, where he had played for the majority of his professional career. He was brought to Paris Saint-Germain with the expectation that he, Kylian Mbappe, and Neymar would bring the club the UEFA Champions League trophy for the first time.

The French giants were eliminated by Bayern in the Round of 16 this season, putting them farther away from their goal. PSG have the option to extend Messi's contract by 12 months. However, he must also agree to it, and the Ligue 1 giants have been trying to discuss new terms with the Argentine star, his father, and his advisors ahead of the deal's formal expiration in the summer.

Because the 35-year-old had been so productive during the World Cup, they even thought they were on the verge of a deal when he got back. While both sides have been on good terms throughout contract negotiations, the club's expectations of locking down Messi have been swiftly fading.

How would Lionel Messi agree to return to Barcelona according to Sergio Aguero?

Speculation about Lionel Messi's possible departure from France and subsequent stunning return to Barcelona is growing. The Catalan giants are anxious to get their legend back to Barcelona, which they see as his home, and his fairytale homecoming to the club is starting to appear more and more likely.

His old teammate from the Argentina national team, Sergio Aguero, has been approached for his opinion on the matter. The Kings League's boss is certain that his close buddy should complete his playing career at the Camp Nou.

"My feeling is that there is a 50% chance that Leo Messi will return at Barcelona. I think that Leo should retire at Barca. It is his home, he has to finish his career here. [Joan] Laporta has to make an effort in bringing back Leo; If the president makes the step, I think Messi’s return to Barcelona will come closer," Aguero told RMC Sport.