France are still regretting how the World Cup ended after a crushing loss in the final against Argentina. They came back and sent the match to extra time, but, in the penalty shoot-out, Lionel Messi and company hoisted the trophy.

That way, France lost an amazing chance to be World Cup immortals. They could have become just the third team ever to win back-to-back titles. Italy did it in 1934 and 1938, Brazil achieved the feat in 1958 and 1962. That's why the loss to Argentina still hurts.

Almost three months after the World Cup final, a new controversy has arrived between France and Argentina. Following many exchanges of words between players, now Didier Deschamps decided to speak. Read here to find out the details.

Didier Deschamps slams Argentina after World Cup final

Though the World Cup final was played in December, Didier Deschamps decided to talk about it months later during an interview with Le Figaro. The coach of France went all-in and severely criticized Argentina for the way they celebrated.

"Congratulations to them. They're World Champions. However, there were unacceptable things and attitudes. I don't have a problem with them jumping or being happy, but the notion of respect never existed. Nobody deserves that and least of all Kylian (Mbappe). Some of those situations just went too far."

Furthermore, even in defeat, Didier Deschamps doesn't regret a thing about France's perfomance in the final. "Though I know we lost, that's the way things are. We have to accept that. I've seen that final many times. The stage, the emotional implications, the context being there with the absence of so many important players. Even with that, I liked the image of the French team. This group had real force even with a negative context created by the media and the famous curse of World Champions. I always trusted in the group. It just wasn't enough."