This weekend the 2023 MLS season begins, with the teams playing the game corresponding to Matchday 1. One of the games that would take place is the one that would pit the locals Los Angeles Galaxy against LAFC. This game was finally postponed and here we will tell you the reasons.

It was one of the most anticipated games by MLS fans. Not only because it's the Los Angeles derby and because both are very good teams, but also because it would be the debut of the last MLS champions, no less than Los Angeles FC. Undoubtedly, there is a lot of expectation for this game, for which we will now have to wait.

And of course, these expectations extend not only to the defending champions, but also to their arch-rivals, the Los Angeles Galaxy, which is known to be a team that always fights for important things and this year will undoubtedly be no exception.

Los Angeles derby postponed

According to an official statement released by the authorities themselves, this game was suspended due to the weather conditions that are expected for the day and time of the game. It is expected that there will be electrical storms and that is why the suspension was finally decided. A new date for the game will be communicated soon.