The Union of European Football Associations, also known as UEFA, is not only the confederation with the most members, one more than CAF, but it is also the confederation that offers the most slots to play in Qatar 2022.

UEFA has a large number of teams within the confederation, but the best known teams in the confederation are: Spain, Germany, France, Italy, England, Portugal, Netherlands, Croatia, and Denmark. 

The UEFA format is made up of 10 matchdays for ten groups that will play for a direct qualification for Qatar 2022 and other teams will play in the play-offs of the qualifiers with a last chance to qualify for the World Cup.

How many teams will qualify from Europe for the World Cup?

13 teams from Europe will play in Qatar 2022, that is the number of spots that UEFA offers to the 55 members during the qualifiers. Europe is the only continent to offer more than double the number of slots compared to other soccer confederations in the world as most regions send 5 or fewer teams to the World Cup.

How many stages do the World Cup Qualifiers have in Europe?

Despite the large number of members within the confederation, the UEFA qualifiers have only two rounds. The first phase or the first round is the group stage where the big favorites have the option to qualify directly to Qatar 2022, while the second phase in Europe is the playoffs.

When will the UEFA second round games be played?

The games of the second round of the UEFA World Cup Qualifiers 2022 will be played in March, the semi-finals will be the first games on March 24, 2022, and the finals will all be played five days later, on March 29.