Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid clashed in a long awaited matchup as part of the quarterfinals in the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey). Prior to this new chapter in the extraordinary rivalry, Vinicius Jr became the target of outrageous attacks condemned worldwide.

"Madrid hates Real" was the shameful message in a banner which was found hanging over a bridge in Madrid. Furthermore, Atletico Madrid fans also put a "doll" next to the banner representing Vinicius Jr. Just terrible acts which now are prosecuted as a crime by the police in Spain.

So, considering this scenario, all the attention was on Vinicius Jr during the match against Atletico Madrid. After a 3-1 victory and a goal, the 22-year old star of Real Madrid went to social media and gave a strong answer to those who attacked him. Read here to find out what he said.

Vinicius Jr responds to attacks made by Atletico Madrid fans

It wasn't an easy day for Real Madrid as they suffered to eliminate Atletico Madrid in extra-time. In the last minutes of the game, Vinicius Jr made an extraordinary play to score the third goal. Immediately, he thanked all the fans at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu for their support following the attacks.

Then, on various posts in social media, Vinicius Jr expressed his feelings about the Atletico Madrid situation. They sparked an enormous controversy. "There's only one Madrid. Everyone knows it." Some people took this message as a reference that only one club exists in the city, Real Madrid, while others believe it just emphasized his club's greatness. One way or the other, it was definitely a strong answer to the Atletico Madrid fans.

In a second message, Vinicius Jr said: "Vini loves MADRID." That statement was accompanied by a picture of the Brazilian player thanking all the Real Madrid supporters at the stadium.