Argentina and Italy will do battle in a game and venue to be named later as part of a new working relationship between UEFA and CONMEBOL. UEFA released a statement today indicating "The agreement reached by the two organizations currently covers three editions of this match between the respective continental winners," meaning the game will be played at least 2 more times.

The game between the Copa America winners and Euro Cup champions will be under what UEFA called a “expansion of the cooperation" between the two confederations.  Historically at odds, CONMEBOL and UEFA share one key decision, they are both against a biennial World Cup which FIFA has been experimenting with.

"The organizing of this match is part of the expansion of the cooperation between UEFA and CONMEBOL, which notably includes women's football, futsal and youth categories, the exchange of referees, as well as technical training schemes," UEFA said. What is odd about the statement is that there is no mention of FIFA, or that this game has FIFA’s blessing.

Details about the 'Finalissima’

At the moment not much is known about this game which Argentine media have dubbed the ‘Finalissima’, and Argentine soccer federation president Claudio Tapia would like the match played in the Diego Maradona stadium as a tribute to Maradona in Naples, Italy.

This announcement also comes on the back that UEFA and CONMEBOL are going to set up a joint office in London as a way of coordinating "projects of common interest." The match itself seems to be a way of working together but also a way of showing unity under the new calendar FIFA is working on.

In the recent weeks the announcement of games like this, MLS and Liga MX’s expanded tournament, a possible World Cup every two years the soccer calendar is getting filled with games and congestion that make it almost impossible for players to rest more than 2 days. Players are said to be evaluating the calendar congestion heavily.