The soccer world is in shock after learning of Lionel Messi's decision to leave Barcelona. The Argentinean superstar and new manager Ronald Koeman met to talk about the future of the team. But, apparently, one of Koeman's phrases was not to the liking of Messi.

According to Deportes Cuatro, Koeman and Messi had a tense meeting, something that the six-time Ballon d'Or winnner wasn't expecting. The original idea was to talk about Koeman's plans for the team and how would Messi fit in the new Barcelona.

However, one of Koeman phrase changes everything: "The privileges on the squad are over, we have to do everything for the team". And Koeman added: "I'm going to be inflexible, you have to think about the team."

Lionel Messi's reaction after the meeting with Koeman

After the meeting, Lionel Messi was totally surprised. He didn't expect what happened and put more doubts about his future. The Argentinean knew what to expect then: Koeman's calls to different players telling them they won't be needed for next season.

That was the case of Luis Suárez, Arturo Vidal, Ivan Rakitic, Samuel Umtiti, among others. Koeman wants to rebuild the squad, but also wanted to have Messi with him. However, it will be a different story and we will see a new Barcelona without the best player in their history.