Barcelona is handing their supporters vastly different points of view on their transfer situation. From what we all know, Barcelona cannot make significant player signings until they clear up salary space as per LaLiga rules.

This has vastly impeded the Catalan club from making any significant signing in the last window, and has hand tied them at the start of this window as well. Now to make matters worse the fans are getting two different perspectives from the two principal figure heads who should be on the same page: Xavi, head coach and club president Joan Laporta.

On one side Xavi had stated in a press conference the difficulty the club has to register latest signing Ferran Torres, "We will see how the financial situation will develop, whether we will be able to register him immediately. There are some players who need to leave, but if Dembele agrees to a pay cut, Ferran will be able to be registered immediately. We hope that will happen. Ferran is a dream for every coach, he can adapt to all conditions, and he can play in all positions in the attack."

Xavi and Laporta at odds with Barcelona’s transfer situation

A report from Goal stated that Barcelona would need to sell at least two players to open up space for Ferran Torres, a worrying sign for Barcelona fans who basically need to give up 2 players for the price of one. Add to that what Xavi stated in the press that another player would need to take a pay cut just to register Torres.

If one reviews what President Joan Laporta said to the official website, it is a vastly different tune, “Everyone in the world should prepare, because we're back as big players in the transfer market. Barça is back.”

Barcelona is reportedly trying to push big name signings such as Erling Haaland, but their “sure bet” winter signing of Edinson Cavani seems to have fallen through with Manchester United boss Ralf Rangnick pushing for the Uruguayan to stay at Old Trafford.