Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy is in jail awaiting trial for seven counts of rape. On December 23rd amid fear for his safety the 27-year-old was transferred to Strangeways prison in Manchester.

“Both Mendy and Matturie have been moved because their case is so high profile. That can lead to safety and prisoner management issues, and it was felt Category A conditions might be better equipped to deal with any potential issues” was a comment a source gave The Sun on Mendy’s move.

Mendy’s codefendant Louis Saha Matturie was also transferred amid the same fears. Strangeways is considered to be one of the toughest jails in the country. As many as 600 prisoners are locked up for 22 hours a day.

Benjamin Mendy rape charges

Benjamin Mendy was charged with seven counts of rape by December of 2021, the original charges were brought about in August of 2021. The charges stem from alleged offenses against two different women and a girl aged over 16 and under 18, during October 2020 and August 2021.

Life inside any prison for sex offenders is hard, and in the case of Mendy, "They will be screaming his name for weeks so he won’t be getting much sleep, especially as he’s charged with sex offences. There are a lot of Blues’ fans there as well, but even the most avid will struggle to protect an alleged sex offender” a source told The Sun.